About Us

Delta Star is a shareholding company established in 2004 and is a subsidiary of family-Malky.

Family-Malky has begun its long history in this area by establishing: 

They established their first company in the city of Mehalla named Mehalla Refrigeration Company (Malky Cold Stores), it's a recommendation company with storage capacity of 3500 tons in 1973. Malky family owns100% of the shares of the company. 

With the beginning of 1980 the company, Mehalla Refrigeration, started importing frozen food items (fish, meat and frozen poultry) from different parts of the world (Netherlands- United States of America- Spain- Germany- Japan- Brazil- Argentina- Scotland- Norway - Ireland - India ......................... etc.) 

1997 they founded the Gold Frost (Bashteil Cold Stores) in Cairo and is a shareholding company with a storage capacity 7500 tons and its place in the area of Imbaba in Cairo and the family of al-Malky has 50% of the shares. 

And in 2004 was created by Delta Star to import frozen fish and is considered one of the largest importers of fish frozen in the Arab Republic of Egypt and al-Maliki's family owns 100% of its shares.

The company deals with first class banks, such as: 
Commercial International Bank (CIB bank, Tanta Branch) 
National Bank of Egypt ( Mehalla Branch) 
The company has a sister company holds the import of frozen poultry and meat products named Nile Halal Foods that deals and imports from major companies in the world (Brazil - Argentina - USA - India ........ etc). 


The three companies managed by their owners of the Malky Family
Mahmoud Mohamed Elmalky 
Mamdouh Mohamed Elmalky 
Moataz Mahmoud Elmalky


International insurance companies, client:
To preserve and to continue to work successfully and to avoid any damages to us or our suppliers we deal with the best and the largest insurance companies in the world:

1) Bannerman Rendell (England)
2) Integro  (England)