Our Services

Delta Star distributes a comprehensive and wide-range of products in all the cities of Egypt, and has a wide base of loyal long lasting customers. These helped a lot in spreading the name Delta Star particular by maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and honesty in dealing with its customers and always enjoy the confidence of suppliers and customers at the same time. 

Delta Star transactions volume of imported fish within the limits of 20000 tons yearly of various species (Mackerel- Horse mackerel- Herring- Sardines- Silver Smelt...... etc.). 

Basic products imported:
Whole round Mackerel (Scomber Scombrus - Scomber Japonicus - Scomber Astroljus).
Whole round Horse mackerel fish frozen whole (Trachoraus Trachoraus).
Whole round Herring (Clupea Harenjus).
Whole round Silver Smelt.
Whole round Sardine.

 Packing of these fish varies to suit different requirements of our customers:
 (Cartons, box of 20 kg net - boxes 30, 10, 15 net)


World Wide Suppliers:

1)   Norpel company (USA)

2)   Parlevliet & Van Der Plas  (Netherlands / Germany)
3)   Marine Foods B.V. (Netherlands)
4)   MBI Holdings (England - Spain - Scotland - Japan - Korea)
5)   Agritec Americas Corp. (USA)
6)   Western Fish (USA)
7)   Sogilco (Canada)
8)   Gallagher Brothers (Ireland)
9)   Fresh Catch Co. (Scotland)
10) Norway Pelagic (Norway)
11) Pescados Rubin S.L. (Spain)
12) Frigomar Burela, S.A (Spain)
13) Ihara Sea Products  (Japan)